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Q: I cannot travel to India, can I still receive an initiation?

A: Yes, Guruji can examine you from afar, and even give initiation from afar. However in some cases, especially when from the examination it arises that some issue or major blockages arise then at some point after receiving the initation and performing the sadhana it will be required for the person to make physical contact with the teacher.


Q: I practice a different religion, can i still do this practice?

A: The Tantras speak about the TRUTH, speak about but not say it. As the truth cannot be put into words but only pointed at, and this is the case for all the bonafide religions of the world. The forces that are worked with via the tantric means are present in all the religions of the world, you will find the same forces (the 10 cosmic powers) in christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism, sikhism... etc. (apologees to you if your own religion is not written down :) ). however in these traditions the information is not as codified and straight forward as it is in the Tantric tradition. Therefore it does not matter to what religion you belong to, you can add this practice to it and in time you will find how it is expressed in your own religion.

(note: some religions prohibit their believers from practicing and worshiping in any other way, in those cases your rabbi/parish priest will disagree with our standpoint, yet we believe that you can keep to your own belief and your own religion and add to it the Mantra Sadhana)

Q: I have other yogic practices I am doing, can I do this practice in parallel?

A: Yes, with most practices there is no conflict, you can be performing Japa with other mantras, be performing Buddhist meditations, vipassana, hridaya yoga, concentratrion, hatha yoga in all its forms, etc. With no hindrance to this technique. Any kind of awareness meditation can be incorporated into the Mantra Sadhana.

However since the Mantra Sadhana involves the raising of Kundalini, in those types of practices that involve Kundalini there are some restrictions:

Practitioners of Kundalini Yoga, Practitioners of Shaktopaya, Practitioners of Kriya yoga (Whether in the Shaiva Siddhanta Lineages or of the Lahiri Mahasaya / Divine Life Society Lineages), as well as practitioners of Tibetan Yoga (Naropa or Niguma Lineages, Etc.) Should separate the Mantra Sadhana and these other practices by no less than 2 hours, and preferably perform one in the morning and one in the evening.


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